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Local 1611’s Membership Services was established in 1981 to provide resources and consultation services for Local 1611 Members dealing with WorkSafe claims, unemployment insurance, or Canadian Pension Plan issues.

  • Membership Services has represented or assisted over 6,000 members since its inception.
  • Membership Services has recovered an estimate of over 120 million dollars for the membership through settlements, compensation or reimbursements through the Canada Pension Plan, Unemployment Insurance, and WorkSafeBC.

Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan (C.I.R.P)

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‘Construction Industry Rehab Plan’, is a benefit available to LiUNA Local 1611 members and their families. The plan is available at no additional cost, for anyone who is struggling with issues around Mental Health and/or Addiction. Although the plan is provided to you as part of your benefits, it operates as an independent organization to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

In 2016 the plan underwent an extensive redesign and expansion, bringing the treatment program up-to-date, grounded in solid scientific and evidence based practices. All clinical staff are trained mental health and addiction specialists with a minimum of a Masters Degree, with backgrounds in Psychology and Social Work. They provide CONFIDENTIAL and specialized services in:

  • Trauma counselling
  • Mental health screening
  • Mental health assessments
  • Mental health coaching
  • Skype counselling for those ‘out of area’
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family counselling
  • Psychoeducational workshops
  • Training for staff within the industry
  • Specialized women’s programming – (coming soon)
  • Group counselling – (coming soon)
  • Recovery group work – (coming soon)
  • Recovery coaches – (coming soon)
  • Referrals to residential treatment programs

If you or a loved one are struggling you can CALL 604 521-8611 /toll free 1 888-521-8611.

For further information on the C.I.R.P. check out constructionrehabplan.com

Legal Defense

Local 1611 lawyer is Kevin Blakely. Mr.Blakely and his team provide the Union with vital services that include; contract language formulation, interpretation, grievance arbitration, and Labour Relations Board hearings and appeals.

Mr. Blakely’s team has worked diligently to win a multitude of awards and settlements on behalf of Local 1611 members. Our legal counsel collaborates with our Union representatives enabling Local 1611 to provide essential legal guidance on issues our members are facing in their workplace. This means…We are here to represent you!

For any inquiries or assistance you can contact Membership Services at 604 538-6992 or toll-free at 1-888-788-2888.