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Local 1611’s dispatch office is equipped to assist members with work placement.  Local 1611 dispatchers work directly with our Union contractors to find placement, matching the job requirements with our available members’ skill sets. If you are a member in good standing, and have been laid off by your employer you can register with the dispatch office.

All members must have a current WHMIS ticket and a Fall Protection ticket in order to be dispatched out to work.  Confined Space Entry is also becoming a prevalent ticket requested by contractors on several jobsite, not just shutdown work.  If you do not have these tickets,  please contact the Training Plan to register for the courses to obtain these certifications.  Please ensure that the dispatch office has valid up-to-date copies of these tickets.

It is important that the Local 1611 has current information to contact you and that your skill profile is up-to-date and includes any additional training or certifications you have received. This information assists our dispatchers match requests to Local 1611’s skilled members. Please ensure you provide the dispatch office with any additional tickets or qualifications you have obtained and update your skill profile on a regular basis. Click here to update your SKILL CARD.

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To check-in to the dispatch office complete this online Check-In Form. Please ensure you include all your information.

For any inquiries about dispatch procedures and regulations, please contact the dispatch office directly.
You can contact the dispatch office by phone at 604-538-0721 or toll free 1-855-538-0721. Email dispatch directly at: dispatch@cswu1611.org