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Live Better…Work Union!

Local 1611’s Organizing Department was established in 2008. Since then the Organizing Department has successfully organized over 90 companies.

Through our organizing efforts, our representatives have been able to create unity in the workplace. Local 1611’s organizing department in conjunction with our service representatives assist workers to collectively negotiate with their employers for better wages, safer working conditions, healthcare and pension benefits.

The Organizing Department works tirelessly in efforts to eliminate the exploitation of workers, to educate individuals of their right to be treated justly, and to be properly compensated for their time and labour in the workplace.

Unions Contribute to Economic Equality

An International Labour Organization research study found that the countries with higher Union memberships had lower levels of income inequality and had a positive impact on the range of social rights afforded to citizens.

Your Right to Organize

Under the British Columbia Labour Relations Code (R.S.B.C. 1996 c.244), workers have the right to join a Union and choose a Union to represent them in dealing with their employer. This is a provincial law with a process called Certification. When workers certify, they join a Union and that Union becomes their bargaining agent. Once the Union becomes the bargaining agent, the law requires the employer to recognize the Union’s right to represent workers and to negotiate a Collective Agreement with the union. The Labour Relations Code protects the right of workers to choose Union representation.

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