Kinder morgan, union, safety before profits, LiUNA, pipelineSafety Before Profits

In spite of our efforts over many months to meet with Kinder Morgan, we have still not secured a commitment from Kinder Morgan for BC union jobs on TMX.

Further, Kinder Morgan Canadian President, said publicly a few weeks ago that project costs were increasing due to onerous safety requirements.

We want to let you know in advance that The B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits and its members have launched an online campaign to tell Kinder Morgan to keep their promise to British Columbians – and that is a promise to put Safety before Profits.

In response to a growing community of British Columbians who are concerned about Kinder Morgan’s level of commitment to safety, rigorous training for their workers, and upholding B.C.’s Five Conditions, the B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits was formed. Founding coalition members include the International Union of Operating Engineers, the Labourer’s International Union of North America, United Association Canada (Canadian Piping Trades), and Teamsters Canada. Collectively, these members have safely built the majority of pipelines in Canada. Why then, would Kinder Morgan rely on anyone other than the most experienced workers to build their Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline? Join B.C.’s skilled, unionized pipeline workers in telling Kinder Morgan to keep their promise to B.C.!

Our campaign is built around the following key positions:

  • Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion project is a significant opportunity for British Columbians.
  • For B.C., that means ensuring all of the government’s five conditions are met and that B.C. gets a fair share of the economic benefits of the project.
  • For B.C.’s skilled trades workers and workforce of the future, that means not getting undercut by temporary foreign workers so Kinder Morgan can cut costs.
  • For Kinder Morgan, that means meeting B.C.’s five conditions and keeping its promise to put safety before profits.

We are telling Kinder Morgan to keep its promise to British Columbians – and that is a promise to put safety before profits.

If Kinder Morgan is willing to cut costs with unqualified cheap labour, then they are definitely putting profits before safety.

It matters who builds the pipeline:

  • Kinder Morgan should rely on the same union workers that built the original pipeline without incident.
  • Pipelines built by experienced Canadian union pipeline workers will be safer than those built using unqualified or temporary foreign labour.
  • To grow and support the workforce of tomorrow, pipeline unions have invested $85 million in rigorous training to ensure well-paying middle class jobs for B.C. and for Canada.

Here’s where you can help: Please visit the website at You’ll find easy links to Facebook, where many of our stories will be showcased, and where you can like and share with friends, relatives and neighbours. We plan to add new stories as the campaign unfolds over time to build momentum.

Thousands of hard-working British Columbians are available for work. Collectively, our union members have built the majority of the pipelines in Canada. Kinder Morgan needs to keep its promise to BC and ensure well-paying middle class jobs go to experienced and trained B.C. workers.

Thanks for your support!