Our stories

OS Howard Grant I am a Shop Steward. Our Union reps stand behind us, whether it is a grievance, or for contract negotiations, they listen to us. They fought tooth and nail to get us where we are today, without ever having to go on strike. As we move into another set of negotations, I’m sure 1611 will get us the best deal they can. —Howard Grant





OS Thomas Nicholson

I am fairly new to this Union, but I think 1611 is doing an awesome job. It’s nice to see the reps on the jobsite. What I like about working union as opposed to non-union I’d say is the fair wages, especially with the way the economy is going.—Thomas Nicholson






OS Nicole GozdekThere was time in my life where I was lost and I hit rock bottom. Walking in the rain wondering where the road would take me. Trying to find shelter when it snowed outside, sleeping in a card board box just to stay warm, or wondering where I’d get my next meal. I never lost hope or the will to survive! I always kept a smile on my face, but I was lost, and alone. Perhaps I didn’t always make the wisest choices!

This was until I came to the realization that this was not the path I was meant to take. In 2008 I chose to make things different. I was determined to make something better happen! I give thanks to Rod Anderson, and his family for believing and never giving up on me. Rod introduced me to Chuck Chatten, our Local 1611 Union Rep. Chuck told me I could either watch things happen, wonder what happened, or make things happen by getting a Level 3 First Aid Ticket and doing labour work.

I joined Local 1611 in 2008, and my life has truly changed for the better. Hard work and dedication to making things happen has shown me that anything is possible if you just try and see what you can accomplish, and as long as you don’t lose hope and keep smiling. This is coming from a woman who got off a bus in 2008 with nothing more than a half full garbage bag of clothes and no ID.

Now I share a home with a wonderful man, who is also a Local 1611 member, and our four legged furry babies. I have worked hard at the Revelstoke Dam and Waneta Dam to buy some nice clothes and a new truck that is paid for. Local 1611 changed my life and it can change yours too! Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain.—Nichole Gozdek


OS Steve Davis

More than ever the unions are the ones that will fight for your rights and safety on the job sites. Unions have all kinds of training programs available to their members, so YES, I support my brothers and sisters, and if we stick together we will have a bright future.—Steven Davies






OS Dennis Peart

I have been a member of this Union since 1974. The benefit you get from being a union member outweighs anything from the private sector. As a member of this Union I was able to raise a family through better wages and healthcare benefits. As a member you are cared for all the way to the grave. Live right, work union. — Dennis Peart