Women Of The Building Trades


The ‘Build Together‘ Women of the Building Trades is a national Canadian Building Trades Union program that promotes, supports and mentors women in the skilled construction trades.

In Canada, women represent only 4% of the construction trade workforce. However, with programs such as Build Together, we are hoping that the female representation in the Trades will start to increase. Unfortunately, this number has remained stagnant for several years. But now is the time to change!

The Build Together campaign attributes the low presence of females in the construction industry a result of “A generational ‘passing of of the torch’ from father to son, creating an insular recruiting system.” With marketing being created to geared to recruit men. However… The Build Together Program is changing that!

A Skills Gap Is Here - and That’s Good News

Studies and industry reports show that a large population of skilled trade workers are gearing up for retirement. An estimated 300,000 new workers will need to be recruited from outside the construction industry over the next ten years to compensate for this gap.