Local 1611 Advantage

  • Camaraderie that comes with being a Union member.
  • Strength that comes from standing together as a group.
  • Protection from a legally binding contract that is negotiated by the people you elect and approved by you and your co-workers.
  • Clear expectations for wages, benefits, pension contributions, employer policies, schedules, work hours, and job security.

Set for Life

Being a member of Local 1611 gives you access to training courses that will advance your skills and career. Whether your goal is to work on bridge construction, in a precast plant, or in traffic control, Local 1611′s Training Plan has developed the courses and customized training to achieve it and take you from basic instruction to supervisory training.

Members tell their stories

There was time in my life when I was lost and I hit rock bottom but I never lost hope or the will to survive! I always kept a smile on my face, but I was lost, and alone. This was until I came to the realization that this was not the path I was meant to take. In 2008 I chose to make things different. I was determined to make something better happen…

Nicole G

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