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Local 1611…A Long Proud History

Local 1611 has a long, proud history representing a diverse membership in sectors of construction, road building, pipeline, paving, utility, mining, diamond drilling, industrial plants, dock and shipyard, healthcare, security, recycling, parking lots, cemetery, crematorium, funeral home and janitorial sectors.

The Labourers’ Union Local 1611 was the result of the amalgamation of four existing locals, the Tunnel and Rock Workers’ Union Local 168, and the Construction and General Workers’ Union Local 602, the Construction & General Labourers’ Union Local 1070 and Local 1093.

March 2010, marked the exciting final merger for the Labourers’ Union in British Columbia as the Dock and Shipyard Workers’ Union Local 1204 became members of Local 1611.  In 2012, Local 1611 celebrated its 75th anniversary, and currently represents about 6,000 members province wide and in the Yukon.

Local 1611 is an affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America also known as LiUNA, which represents a half a million members throughout North America. Yes, 500,000.

While Local 1611’s  main goal is to represent our membership, we also continue to lobby for amendments to Temporary Foreign Worker Program policies, to fight for civil rights and justice for workers being exploited, and to challenge legislation against the outsourcing of work.  The members of Local 1611 have played a significant role in the building and servicing of our province since 1937, and continue to be part of the ever evolving infrastructure of British Columbia. It is our goal to ensure that our members’ voices are heard, their rights are respected, their conditions of employment are safe, and that their hard work is properly compensated.

We serve the needs of Local 1611 members in numerous ways, including;

  • Maintaining safety standards
  • Negotiating and enforcing collective agreements
  • Representing workers in dispute resolution
  • Providing industry training
  • Preparing submissions on regulatory issues