Be More Than A Bystander

The Be More Than A Bystander Program was put together by the Ending Violence Association of BC in conjunction with the BC Centre for Women in the Trades.


This course is to help end gender-based harassment, bullying, and violence in the workplace and how everyone can play a role in making workplaces safer and more respectful.

This program is put in place to facilitate a culture where inappropriate behaviors such as discrimination, harassment and bullying are not tolerated; and to increase employer outreach and support to facilitate retention and advancement of women, including leadership positions.

NOTE: This workshop is intended for males only.

Length Of Course

2 hours.

Mentorship Advantage

This workshop was put together by Skillplan BC to improve mentor/apprentice relations in the construction industry. The workshop introduces Six Skills that can be applied immediately on the job with measurable results.


The goal of the Six Skills is to help develop a positive mentoring relationship with your mentors/apprentices, as well as practice strategies for effective communication to maximize learning opportunities, goal setting techniques to increase success, and how to properly provide and listen to effective feedback.

This workshop is two separate modules:

Apprentice Module

Attended by young or new workers.

Mentor Module

Attended by anyone with a competent level of experience in the field and those in leadership positions.

Length Of Course

4 hours (each module).