Empower Youth Project

Collaborating with communities across B.C.

It takes the collaboration of a community to raise healthy, happy and well-adjusted children. Raising a family can be costly, as a result a family’s financial situation can make providing essentials difficult and affording additional extra-curricular activities impossible. The LiUNA Local 1611 “Empower Youth Project” was launched in 2018 to address these issues. Our initiatives are aimed to identify areas within a community needing assistance and look at how LiUNA Local 1611 can ease the burden on families to ensure that all children are being afforded the same opportunities that allow for young minds to development and thrive.


How is LiUNA promoting literacy in schools?

Years of budget cuts to public school funding has left classrooms without new and up-to-date reading material. Local 1611 has identified the need for literature and has been working with various schools to fulfill their ‘Reading Wish Lists.’ Hundreds of the latest and most desired book titles around the Province are now in classrooms as part of our initiative.

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