NOISE – Being exposed to too much noise in the workplace can cause permanent and irreversible damage. If you work around loud machines and equipment this can cause irreversible harm to your hearing.

WorkSafe states; “If you are within 1 metre of another person at work and have to shout to be heard, the noise level is likely excessive… Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most prevalent occupational health problems. It is permanent and irreversible. Work-related hearing loss can be caused by a single event such as an explosion. More often, it is caused by long-term exposure to excessive noise, like machine noise, that is present throughout a work shift.“

As a worker your personal protective equipment can assist in reducing noise level to a safe level.

If you work around hazardous noise, you must take part in an annual hearing test. For a list of hearing test location throughout British Columbia: CLICK HERE for Industrial Hearing Test Locations.

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